Testosterone, Total is a measure of the total amount of testosterone in the blood, including both free and bound testosterone. Low levels of total testosterone can cause symptoms such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and decreased muscle mass in men.

iollo markers that associate with Testosterone, Total


Alanine is involved in protein and energy metabolism. Higher alanine levels may reflect increased muscle protein breakdown which could be associated with lower testosterone.


Arginine is a precursor for nitric oxide which plays a role in vasodilation and blood flow. Reduced arginine and nitric oxide may contribute to erectile dysfunction related to low testosterone.


Carnitine is essential for fatty acid transport and energy metabolism. Low carnitine is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction and could relate to decreased testosterone production.


Creatinine is a product of creatine phosphate breakdown in muscle. Low creatinine may indicate reduced muscle mass which is associated with declining testosterone levels.


Glutamine is involved in protein synthesis, immune function, and intestinal health. Glutamine depletion may lead to increased catabolism and reduced testosterone.


Leucine stimulates mTOR signaling and protein synthesis. Reduced leucine may impair mTOR activation and anabolic signaling related to testosterone.


Valine is a branched-chain amino acid that promotes protein synthesis and mitochondrial function. Low valine may impair these anabolic processes and testosterone levels.