Monocytes are a type of white blood cell that help fight infection and remove damaged tissue. High levels of monocytes can indicate chronic infection or inflammation.

iollo markers that associate with Monocytes

Arachidonic acid

Arachidonic acid is released by monocytes and macrophages and serves as a precursor for pro-inflammatory eicosanoids that promote monocyte recruitment and activation.

Docosahexaenoic acid

DHA has anti-inflammatory effects and may reduce monocyte-mediated inflammation by inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokine production and monocyte adhesion.


Glutamine is an important fuel source for monocytes and macrophages. Glutamine levels can impact monocyte/macrophage function and survival.

Lactic acid

Monocytes and macrophages undergo glycolysis and produce lactic acid, especially in hypoxic and inflammatory environments. Lactic acid can modulate immune cell function.

Lysophosphatidylcholine a C16:0

Lysophosphatidylcholines are lipid mediators that can activate monocytes and promote their migration to sites of inflammation.